Polskie ePłatności (Polish ePayments – PeP)

Polskie ePłatności

Founded in 2010, Polskie ePłatności (Polish ePayments – PeP) is a leading merchant acquirer in Poland offering a full range of in-store and online payment solutions as well as value-added services.

PeP is the fastest growing payment technology company in one of the fastest growing digital payment economies in Europe.

With an installed base of more than 160,000 point-of-sales terminals, and offering a broad set of payment solutions for SME merchants, PeP has more than tripled its terminal base since mid-2016 and has become the third largest payment terminal operator in Poland in terms of number of devices.

PeP is renowned for its high-quality in-house operation and business performance.

With its SME focus and its strong presence in the card acceptance and POS terminal market, it extends the group portfolio of online payment solutions for merchants in Poland.

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