Network Services

Networks for banking communities

We design and implement secure messaging networks for national and international banking communities.

Our network solution is currently the network solution chosen by the Italian National Interbank Network (RNI), EBA Clearing and the Eurosystem for ESMIG, T2S and 4‑CentralBank-Network (4CBNet).

Our in‑depth knowledge of technology and market trends allows us to design ad hoc network solutions, always in line with the highest standards of reliability, security, efficiency and privacy compliance.

The solution offers a wide range of value‑added features that meet the most complex requirements of financial communities (including the coverage of RTGS system requirements) and that constitutes a highly distinctive value proposition.

In particular, our network solution is a privacy-compliant choice, based on a peer-to-peer architecture, without a central hub, to guarantee the confidentiality of exchanged data. Network Governance may be local and the data exchanged within the community remains within the boundaries of that community. 

We are concerned with providing the end‑to‑end network solution, including all the necessary hardware, software and service components.

Soluzioni di rete

SWIFTNe Access Bureau 

The SWIFTNet Access Bureau is a customised outsourced platform for accessing SWIFTnet and other related services. Choosing this network solution allows users to focus their attention on the core business, freeing themselves from the obligations of management and technological maintenance of the SWIFTNet access systems. The service guarantees business continuity and disaster recovery, through redundant infrastructures located in our data centres.

Big Data Transfer

Fast interchange of large volumes of data for users that use Big Data. The service provides access and the transfer of data to user communities that need to quickly transport large volumes of various digital types.

Access Bureau SWIFTNet

L’Access Bureau SWIFTNet è una piattaforma personalizzata in outsourcing per l'accesso a SWIFTnet e altri servizi correlati. Scegliere questa soluzione di rete permette di focalizzare la propria attenzione sul core business liberandosi dagli oneri di gestione e manutenzione tecnologica degli impianti di accesso a SWIFTNet. Il servizio garantisce la business continuity e il disaster recovery, mediante infrastrutture ridondate e dislocate nei nostri data center.