Digital currencies

Digital currency wallet

This service is aimed at the ever-increasing number of bank customers who wish to experiment with alternative investment options, such as digital currencies, even for small amounts.

To date, the best known and most traded digital currencies are crypto-currencies, such as bitcoin, but the sector will soon see the arrival on the markets of the so-called stable coins, such as Libra, or digital currencies issued by States (e.g. digital yuan).

Today, this investment sector is reserved for a few "insiders", also because the tools supporting trading activities are complex and not very user-friendly (e.g. the digital currency exchanges).

Digital currency wallets, on the other hand, are a technological solution that can be easily implemented by the bank within its own mobile app, thanks to fast integration and an extremely simple user experience. They allow the client to buy, keep and sell digital currencies, thus bringing the subject closer to a wider audience.

With these solutions, the bank is not required to have crypto expertise or advanced IT capabilities, but can benefit from a model where the relationship with the customer is managed by the bank, and the service provider works "behind the scenes" like a traditional product factory.

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