B2B Cross border transfers

For Italian SMEs and corporations, cross-border transfers represent a way of regulating export and import flows to/from foreign countries with currencies other than Euro.

Digital platforms are spreading on the market, either with a direct model on the company or intermediated by the reference bank, offering the following functions, through an intuitive front-end and a rapid deployment: (a) international cash management, i.e. opening foreign currency accounts, in the countries of interest of the company, in a few hours and with a single registration, overcoming the classic model of "correspondent banks"; (b) fast international payments in over 100 currencies, both through domestic and international schemes; (c) solutions for exchange rate risk hedging; (d) credit lines with fast approval to finance import/export activity.

For a bank, the partnership with a specialist player represents a cost-efficient way to enrich its offering to corporate clients doing business abroad and enhance the proposition with which the commercial network can serve the SME and Corporate client base.

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