Core Banking "off the shelf"

Core Banking is the cornerstone of any banking IT infrastructure and supports its entire core business. Given its key role, Core Banking is at the forefront of banks' digital transformation efforts, and its cycle of renewal and modernisation has been accelerating across Europe for several years now.

Traditional core banking solutions, either developed in-house by banks and layered over the years or customised from external solutions, are often a very significant IT cost item for the bank, because they require investments to maintain complex, non-modular, layered and hyper-customised IT legacies, and often represent a real obstacle to the digital transformation path.

On the contrary, the new core banking solutions are characterized by being designed and offered in the Cloud, enabling the provision of services in software-as-a-service mode, ensuring the bank the possibility of easily integrating financial services in a modular and independent way (composable core banking) and being natively conceived to "host" services developed by third parties outside the bank, thanks to API technologies, in line with the current open banking strategies.

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