Gimme5 is the fintech platform that allows you to manage your money directly from your smartphone, a real digital piggy bank to save small amounts whenever you want, starting from 5 euros.

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The money saved is then invested in mutual funds. There are no obligations or constraints, just as with a traditional piggy bank, each user is free to decide at any time if and when to add new savings or ask for reimbursement. From the first subscription to the constant monitoring of one's position, up to the subsequent transactions, everything is done through the app or website. It is also possible to set automatic saving rules such as, for example, the "recurring deposit" (called recurring “joink”) that sets aside a fixed amount at a chosen periodic rate, or the "special dates" rule in which you select important dates when you want to save, or the "daily steps" rule that saves an amount set by the user depending on a predetermined number of steps walked.

The objective of Gimme5 is to widen the entrance to the world of managed savings to a young and smart public, historically neglected by the sector and that today, thanks to digital innovation, can finally access this opportunity.

The service is the result of an initiative launched by AcomeA SGR: an asset management company independent from banking groups, led by professionals with long experience in the sector, with over 100,000 clients and assets under management of approximately 2.5 billion euros.