Fiskl is a mobile-first, automated financial management and accounting platform for small businesses.

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Purpose-built for business owners, and not only their accountants, the platform gives entrepreneurs a suite of rich and intuitive features they need to manage all their day-to-day finances, from invoicing and payments, banking integration, products and services and team productivity to double entry accounting.

Fiskl has partnered with a variety of global companies, such as banks (JP Morgan Chase, Revolut), mobile operators (Vodafone, Samsung), payment service providers and cloud distributors to offer financial and accounting cloud solutions to the small business customer base to expand revenue streams.

Banks can either leverage the Fiskl SaaS accounting platform by offering it to their small business customers, thus having access to real time customer financial data, including via open banking, or by using the Fiskl API and Data Engine to build additional features in their own mobile and online banking thus reducing time-to-market while accelerating digital capability.

Partner banks benefits:

  • Complete overview of financial and non-financial business data from multiple sources
  • Live, real-time data versus static accounting snapshots
  • Customer data intelligence resulting in better customer financial insight
  • Anticipate customer financial needs and grow acquisition and retention
  • Capture and service the largest growing business category – micro and small businesses