Cred, based in Tel Aviv, is an investment management technology company with strong roots in finance, behavioural economics, and data.

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Our team is passionate about helping banks grow their investment assets through data-driven, deep client personalisation.

We believe that banks are in a privileged position when they offer their clients highly personalised and client-centric investment management services to attract more business.

Cred has developed the first comprehensive solution enabling banks to offer “personalisation at scale”, thas is family-office-level investment services offered to a broad client base.

Cred’s platform, together with Nexi’s Open Banking technology, includes:

  1. The Data Layer, which identifies unique client characteristics in real time
  2. The Framework Layer, which enables a bank to set customizable rules
  3. The Action Layer, which helps automate client-specific, personalised actions in investment management.

With Cred, banks attract more clients, increase wallet share, and utilise analytics to offer an unmatched level of personalised client service in a highly compliant environment.