Microsoft is strongly committed to fostering and developing the new business opportunities offered by open banking, and for this reason it wants to offer its tangible contribution to the rise of an ecosystem for the digital transformation of banks and financial institutions.

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The cloud services designed for this purpose are Azure, Modern Workplace and Business Application, which together constitute an enabling platform where partners and startups can create vertical and specific solutions to meet the customer needs while fully respecting privacy and security. The partnership with the Nexi initiative is central in this transformation process. Nexi Open will give us the opportunity to integrate, test and implement all the new solutions that the Microsoft ecosystem will be able to identify and develop, with the support of vertical industry experts, according to the Open Innovation paradigm.

Microsoft contribution

Microsoft contribution to reach the goal will be on two primary fronts:

  1. Development of new digital skills: thanks to its network and expertise Microsoft will put its experience at the service of the digital transformation projects of customers and partners. In addition, Microsoft will share advanced digital training resources such as Microsoft Learn, and organise virtual events on specific topics relevant to open banking.
  2. Development of new innovative solutions, thanks to synergies with the “Microsoft for Startups program”, the scaling program for startups, available in 140 countries, that leverages a broad ecosystem for innovation in financial services. The program provides technical resources, giving free access to the Azure platform and open collaboration resources, technological support, thanks to a dedicated team of engineers, and business scaling services thanks to the support of a success manager for joint go-to-market at an international level. Moreover, Microsoft for Startups includes the planning of events, workshops and themed meetings to identify and support innovative ideas.

Nexi Open is Microsoft's and Nexi's concrete response to a global need to transform the financial economy, making it more digital, more flexible, more customisable... more open.