CBI Globe - Compliance and VAS

CBI Globe benefits

For Banks (ASPSP)

  • Cost synergies thanks to a common infrastructure
  • 100% compliant, with guarantee of constant supervision that ensures a continuous upgrades and introduction regulatory updates 
  • Guarantee of high IT security standards
  • “Network" innovation: creation of "cooperative" value-added services.

For Third Parties (TPP)

  • Wider interoperability with Italian Banks 
  • Single point of access for multiple Banks.

The first Value Added Services

Evolving dashboard for transaction monitoring and reporting

  • The Monitoring Dashboard allows banks to view their transactions, giving access to a number of inquiry functions.
  • An additional feature associated with each transaction is the activation of a Bank‑TPP direct communication channel, in case of recourse.

IBAN Check

With the support of Nexi, CBI has developed the "IBAN Check" service to verify the correctness of an IBAN and the correct association to a “Tax Code/VAT number”. The service is API based.

PagoPA S.p.A. is the first user of the service, and it uses it:

  • directly, through the IO app, to provide additional services in the PA processes.
  • as a "collector" on behalf of entities that need to verify the IBAN communicated by the beneficiary of a service

The service is also available to PSPs who wish to offer it to their customers.

Through this new service allows to, clients will be able to:

  • Prevent errors or improper channelling of funds
  • Put in place controls that help prevent operational risks for the PA
  • Perform real-time verification, speeding up administrative procedures and drastically reducing time and costs
  • Increase security levels


Smart Onboarding

With the support of Nexi, CBI had developed the "Smart Onboarding" service which allows adherent Intermediaries to offer Corporates a service capable of simplifying and speeding up onboarding processes by instantly obtaining end users data, stored in the information systems of the intermediaries themselves. The service is API based.

Through this new service, you will be able to:

  • speed up and simplify onboarding processes, increasing users’ conversion rate;
  • pre-fill forms automatically
  • prevent errors deriving from the manual compilation of the requested data
  • increase security levels by receiving trusted data


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