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Nexi S.p.A. Board of Directors is responsible for defining Sustainability objectives and commitments with the support of the Control Risk and Sustainability Committee, established on February 25, 2019, the Management and the function in charge of ESG.

The Control Risk and Sustainability Committee plays an advisory, proactive and preliminary role in favour of the Board itself, set out in its operating regulations. Composition of the committee.

The Management supports the Board of Directors in the formulation of Sustainability plans and related goals and is responsible for their implementation in line with the strategies, principles, guidelines and objectives defined by the Board itself.

The Function responsible for ESG issues, on the other hand, is entrusted with the coordination and monitoring of the overall process of preparation of the consolidated non-financial declaration and the coordination of the development of the sustainability strategy assisted by the Management responsible for managing Nexi's relevant Sustainability issues.

Sustainability Policy

In the path leading to the Sustainability integration into the corporate strategy, daily operations and company culture, Nexi S.p.A. Board of Directors, on July 30th 2020, approved the Group Sustainability Policy.

Inspired by the national and international standards and aligned with Code of Ethics, Organisation Model 231 and all other Group policies and procedures currently in force, the Sustainability Policy outlines the reference principles on which the Group's Sustainability approach is based in relation to the management of the relevant Environmental, Social and Governance issues:

  • Dialogue with Stakeholders: interaction with the Group's Stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations
  • Material approach: identification of relevant Sustainability issues for the Group and all Stakeholders
  • Cooperation: contribution of the Group's organizational units, each for its own competencies and activities, to contribute proactively to the responsible management of Sustainability issues
  • Training and Sustainability culture promotion: accountability for the impacts of daily activities and awareness-raising initiatives on Sustainability issues
  • Transparency and reporting: appropriate disclosure on Group’s Sustainability performances

Based on these reference principles, in a context of continuous improvement, Nexi SpA Board of Directors defined its commitments and guidelines on:

  • Environmental protection
  • Respect of Human Rights
  • Promotion of diversity and inclusion
  • Privacy protection
  • Data security
  • Fight against corruption
  • Taxation